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Online Birding – Bird Cams

Many organizations now offer live-streaming of birds in various locations.  These bird cams can be fun to watch just for enjoyment, but they can also provide bird identification opportunities, information about birds’ habits and activities, and the chance to see birds that do not reside in your local area.  Typically, cameras are located either near a nest or near a feeder.  Below are some links to bird cams available online.  Some of the cameras are only on during certain parts of the year because the birds are migratory.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Cams – Various locations

Sabal Palm Sanctuary Feeder Cam – Texas

James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve Feeder Cams – California

Raptor Resource Project Nest Cams – Various locations Bird Cams – Various locations

Animal Planet Feeder Cam – Virginia

Pat’s Backyard Bird Cams – Oklahoma City

Kansas Feeder Cams – Prairie Village, KS

Tim’s Bird Feeder Cam – Wisconsin

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