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Birding Trip 4/25/16

My husband and I visited Quimby Creek Wetlands at Milford Lake near Wakefield yesterday.  He had never been there, so I figured I would show him where it was.  We saw lots of the “usual” birds in the trees and along the roadways on our way there.  A few small farm ponds appeared to have some shorebirds on them but we didn’t get good looks.  In the trees on the road leading to the wetlands we saw a female summer tanager, which was a first for this year.  We also got some good pictures of Savannah sparrows and saw White-crowned and Harris’s as well.  We saw one lone yellow-rumped warbler.

The rains had filled up the wetlands pretty good on the South side of the parking lot.  Some Canada Geese were hanging out on an island and Northern Shovelers were out in the water, but no shorebirds in that pool.  To the East there were several Greater/Lesser Yellowlegs and a large group of Blue-Winged Teal.  There was a pair of Canada Geese with babies, a Great Blue Heron, and a giant turtle getting some sun on a rock.

The the north, the rains had caused some water to sit in the grassy areas between the wetlands and the lake.  There were about 30 cattle egrets out in this area, along with some more shovelers.  In their midst was a Little Blue Heron!  I knew a group had seen one fly over that area a week ago, so I was keeping my eyes peeled for it.  We got some good looks through the scope and some mediocre pics on our superzoom cameras.  It was WAAAY out there.  But hey, I’ll take a LIFER however I can get it!

While there, we got a text that Little S was sick and needed picked up from daycare.  This cut our birding trip short, but along K15 north of K18 on our way home we found a flooded field with Franklin’s Gulls, Wilson’s Phalaropes, more Yellowlegs, and more Blue-winged Teal hanging out in a puddle.  I hadn’t really seen many Franklin’s yet this year, and I hadn’t seen Phalaropes in a couple of years.  Hubs hadn’t seen them ever, so it was another LIFER for him!  There were also a large number of Cliff Swallows getting busy with their nests under a nearby bridge.  They are always fun to watch.

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